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Server performance

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What is going on with the server performance when I launch the game with caves? I mean the gameplay is acceptable but it is not as smooth as I'd like it to be compared to non caves world. I don't think thats a problem with my hardware since I'm using 4.3GHz 9600k, rtx 2080 and 16GB of RAM running the server on nvme drive. I saw some similar posts to this but the problem was hardware in most cases but I think my setup is pretty beefy. Are there any server setting to enchance its performance? Thanks for your comments :)

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From what it sounds like, you are running a client server, instead of a dedicated server. A client server, which is launched from the client itself is running all worlds in a single thread, so independant on your hardware, the performance will be worse than running a overworld only server. You can do the following things to improve performance:

1: Check if you have any performance affecting mods installed, and if they are too demanding, uninstall them.
2: Set up an actual dedicated server, since every world/shard is running independantly, and therefore can utilize at least one thread each, instead of sharing a thread.
3: Check if your antivirus is doing a real-time scan on the server files, as doing that might cause massive latency issues.

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