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Improved notification suggestion

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The game has lots of notifications. Some of them are really useful. Some of them are fun (like attribute increase). This is a typical list for me:

- Attribute increase
- Long Commutes
- Invalid construction location
- Unpermitted food
- No Research Focus selected (2)
- Building lacks resources(8)

In this list there is one notification that is relevant... Apparently one of my dupes cannot eat. But it is hard to quickly spot this in a big list that is mostly irrelevant.


It would be easier to spot new problems if you had some control over what you want to see, or the color of notifications or another visibility aspect. If I could mute some of the notifications that would help me read the actual relevant ones.

Deeper analysis

An underlying problem is that some notifications are never relevant to me:

Building lacks resources(8) is caused by having my egg cracker set to infinte egg cracking of some kind of eggs. I don't want to micro manage these numbers, so the infinite number is great! However, the notification that the egg cracker currently cannot fulfull this, is not so relevant. Same goes for cooking equipment.

No Research Focuces selected (2) I have researched all I want until I will launch my rocket. In my current game this was achieved somewhere in cycle 200, and I'm currently in cycle 550. I don't expect to build rockets any time soon. Maybe I can deconstruct my research buildings to get rid of this one, but that does seem unelegant.

Invalid construction location. I love this one, because it just tells me that I have planned a floor and a building on top. The message will go away once the floor is built. So this one could be fixed if the check also considers planned floors.

Long Commutes. Not sure if I will ever get rid of this one. Maybe after I have my power supply up and running? But I'm staring at this one for over 400 cycles already, it is not actually something I need to see.



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