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Hydrogen hood/conveyor filter Autokitchen concept

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Decided to finish this sandbox prototype since vanilla conveyor sorting will become a vanilla thing soon. It uses a 1 tile layer of hydrogen to reliably keep food 99-100% fresh while still allowing infinite storage that you can read from separate weight plates and autosweeper access, all without creating accidental loops with the conveyor loaders, or requiring you to manually mark things to sweep. This design is not universal for all cooking recipes but Im sure it could be modified to fit whatever you might need to do (this version makes SurfnTurf, Pepper Bread, Stuffed Berries and Berry Sludge)

The setup really needs to be tuned for your specific culinary needs, up 2 you to figure that out, but here's how I made it work:

- You need two autosweepers and two loaders for the kitchen, obviously they need to be adjacent to the ingredients the machines below require, but most importantly, INTERMEDIATE ITEMS (bbq, cooked fish, gristle berry) CANNOT go in the middle or else the other side's autosweeper will grab/restore it forever, so all three of those items are placed above the gas ranges in this example

-The two loaders should only be reachable from their respective sweeper, and set to pick up the products of the machines below them

-Since finished food is just sitting outside of a container, you can't have any conveyor loaders on the map looking for these items AND set to allow dupe use AND NOT set to sweep only. Intermediate ingredients stored in the hood aren't normally reachable by dupes so its still perfectly fine to let dupes hand deliver stuff from your farms.

-Placing the sweepers inline with the plates with a 1 tile gap from the center lets it reach 3 on either side without restricting its view of the machines below

-All of the ingredients don't really need to be separated like this, only the ones you want to measure with a weight plate for inventory reasons, or just to make it look nice. Everything else can share a plate as long as it's on the correct side of the storage.

The conveyor filters (modded for now but they should work similarly enough to the vanilla ones to come, you can make the sorting room 1 tile shorter with solid conveyor sensors + shutoffs though) are fed by a single input line that all food intake + the loaders in the kitchen and the dining room output onto. I experimented a bit and vacuums or sterile gases keep the food on the rail fresh, but rails through any solid wall, even one surrounded by vacuum do not and it will slowly spoil. Doesn't matter too much though, even if you vacuumed out the whole rail line you're only saving like 1 or 2 pts of freshness. All of the finished food is stored in a CO2 pit near the dining, also with weight plates. I think you could also supply an outpost from this setup by just having a fridge over there request the food, or even a shutoff that diverts a conveyor line over to it when it's running low.

The hydrogen layer is self-maintaining as long as it fully covers the top of the hood, just like a completely filled pit of CO2. I don't think oxygen can displace hydrogen against a ceiling from below, no matter the pressure difference.

The great hall below was just runaway autosweeper experiment to stop food from sitting on the floor overnight. It seats 30 and has 120+ decor in most spots which also leaks decently into the kitchen. The loader is set to no dupe access and accepts any food for restorage. Might need a redesign or an extra sweeper near the food storage because dupes have a habit of leaving food in the doorways. Also I need to figure out how to cram some sinks in before dupes enter it.


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Additional facts: power consumption peaks around 1100 W when 5 dupes are cookingm but Im not sure if these modded filters are properly consuming power. Max potential consumption is 3270 W if everything somehow went off at once. Not sure about exact performance, but so far this seems to process 100kcals of food fast enough to keep up with a large colony's farms. There might be a bottleneck in the electric grills if you're farming a ton of meat, but Im pretty sure that swapping out the musher for a 3rd grill will help.


Speaking of here's the settings for the kitchen as I configured it. Conveyor filters are set to supply the plates from left to right with: meat, pacu, (left sweeper), raw berry, wheat, peppernut, (right sweeper), gristleberry, BBQ, cooked fish. Left loader requests BBQ, cooked fish and gristleberry. Right loader requests pepper bread, surfnturf and stuffed berries. Both loaders request berry sludge.

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