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Instead of having 5 types of volcano in play. wouldn't it be better to reduce the number to 2 types?

because in my opinion it would be more correct to have 2 types of volcanoes instead of 5:

1 to recover space on maps or even by adding vents or gayser.

2 my father is a geologist and therefore I am also a bit fond of geology. and frankly there is not really in nature a volcano

that erupts iron or copper. usually these elements are always found in the raw stage as oxides or linked to other minerals.

3 gold for its rarity it is found in small quantities like monte rosa its presence is estimated for 1 gram per tonne of granite so instead of having a volcano that erurates only gold .. a volcano erupting another type would be more normal of granite type material and then in a lower percentage of gold.

for example having only major and minor volcano. the lesser volcano has a 50% chance of dropping magma which turns into igneous rock

25% chance of dropping raw copper and 25% chance of dropping raw iron.


the major volcano can drop 50% or 75% don't know what you prefer igneous rock, obsidian or granite?

and the remaining percentage drops gold.

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