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Random quotes on Custom speech for a modded character

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Im trying to make my custom character say random lines when he attacks, and so i copied the code from the marble stuff (when you carry the suspicious marble stone, you can get more than one sentence), but it does not seem to work. It does not give any error, just doesnt say anything on that part.


this is the attack speech code

        GENERIC =
            "Lets get messy!",
            "I have... something for you",
            "It will be over quick",
            "Someone has to do it... and I want it to be me!",
            "I have come for you",
            "Your finality approaches...",
            "Now, lets dont lose our manners!",
            "Hehehe, this will amuse me",
        PIG = "I've killed lots like you",
        PREY = "Lets have some fun",
        SPIDER = "Just a bug",
        SPIDER_WARRIOR = "Come here, pal",
        DEER = "Destiny",



And this is the marble speech, i cant figure out why it does not work

        "Huff... ",
        "Hahah... God dammit...",
        "I need to.... work on my muscles",
        "This isn't... gentleman's work...",
        "I feel kind of lost...",
        "I hope I dont... mess my hair",
        "I miss my powers... so much!",
        "Dont I... have anything better... to do?",


Thank you very much

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