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Adding Shipwrecked and Hamlet

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I've always wanted Hamlet and Shipwrecked to be in DST with all of it's awesome changes, but the Tropical Experience mod is not quite good enough.

Would it be possible add them as DLC?

If splitting up the player base was a problem, could you allow for the host to be the only one who has to have the dlc? Joining players would use whatever version of the game the host had.

Maybe add exclusive skins to the dlc to encourage even more sales.

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I’ve said this a million times in threads it did not belong in. So I will say it again one more time keeping it short, simple and to the point.

Klei CAN Do Shipwrecked and Hamlet Content in DST, they can simply add that content into the game for free and then from this point forward- The only version of the game that can be bought is the Don’t Starve Mega Pack Which already includes Shipwrecked in purchasing it. Identical in every single way as to how they took the Reign Of Giants DLC and made that a part of every single version of DS that Xbox players can buy.

With the issue of who owns and does not own DLC completely out of the way.. Klei can add anything they want from those DLC’s into DST Walani, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Wheeler, Wilba, Wagstaff.

Biomes, mobs, The personal property players could get in Ham..

Some people say this content wouldn’t fit DST’s Climate and Weather System, But we are playing a game with Wormholes, Cave Tunnels, Black Holes, Portals, Teleporting Staffs, Ancient Gateways to Alternate Dimensions And a Sailable explorable Ocean.

I’m pretty certain at this point NO BIOME should be off limits.

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I always liked the idea of a Don't Starve main launcher that gives you the option to boot up any of the DLCs, or DST itself. I think certain aspects of each DLC would be a nice reference to the series (such as seeing a pirate hat on birds extremely rarely, or hearing faint music from DLCs in the edges of the map) and would give players a "I really feel like playing that now" kind of feeling.

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