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Please make several single-use items stackable

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Most items in game that don't have durability also stack, however. some of them don't, which leads to a problem storing them since you'd need a separate chest for each 9 of them. Most players don't bother doing that and just drop these items on the ground, which causes game engine to render each instance separately and negatively affecting performance. Please make the following items stackable to fix this problem:

Sketches (especially the ones dropped by bosses. If you see a sketch outside of the desert it's most likely dropped by boss);

Blueprints (Antlion spawnpoint is usually surrounded by Lazy Deserter blueprints);

Telltale Hearts (usually just lie on the ground in the middle of the base);

Crumpled packages (usually opened after fishing session because of their non-stackability. Had these been stackable, people would have stored those for newcomers to open because their chance to get rare blueprints from package is higher).

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