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Can't connect my twitch account to Klei


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I made a twitch account > Deleted it > made a new one and couldn't connect it > i logged back onto my old account and not even that was allowed to be connected back to Klei.

I've tried to leave Klei Entertainment on both accounts with and without incognito and attempts to log back onto Klei Entertainment with the accounts. Still it says



There was that really strange chines site i tried to log onto but that only made me more furious cause nothing could be translated and there were so many random links with chines text

I even broke my headset in a full out rage, so that's alot of money down the drain cause of all of this

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You had mentioned deleting a Twitch account. Was that deleted Twitch account linked to your Klei account at some point?

Did you disconnect that Twitch account from your Klei account (from the Twitch website side, ie: settings > Connections tab > Other Connections > Disconnect) before deleting it?

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