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How do I make a custom instrument for my character

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So I know the gist, get an ogg file of any audio and yeah, that's a sound file you can use for your custom character.


But I'm stumped on 2 things right now:


1. Where does the ogg file go?


2. How do I change instruments in FL studio 20 (Which is the software I'm using to make the sounds)? I don't know how to and it's making me frustrated, and I'm using the fruity addition, and it won't let me record audio without the producer's addition which costs more money.


I'm really stuck and I keep getting ignored on discord when I try to ask people about it. I don't want any rhetorical questions or anything like that, I just want an answer. I'm sorry for being like this but I really need help with this step and idk what to do.


Here's the template I used to make my character in case you were wondering, all I've done so far was edit all the dialogue and descriptions:


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