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No Wormhole on Archipelago

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I'm wondering if anyone encounter the same bug as I do since the last update?

I'm playing Adventure Mode on my DS pocket edition android. Everytime I reach the Archipelago level I got stuck. There is no wormhole going out from the starting island. This happens 3 times already. No wormhole being generated on starting island.

I cleared out the the entire map, took down all spiders, chopped down all twiggy trees, and build a base using the limited resources I have. But no hidden wormholes anywhere.

It's just ridiculous. I'm stuck in this worldffor 197 days now. I have build a life here. Please fix the bug!











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Happened the same to me very frustrating its nearly impossible to beat the game try sending an e-mail directly to them the more e-mail they receive the faster they fix it. And they might not even check the forums so they might not even see these bug reports.

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