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  1. I found that I cannot equip bushat to hide myself from raging hounds in my Android version of DS mobile. The ios version works.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I really hope there will be allegators in either caves or ruin. It just felt right. Also maybe a group mobs like Mactusk hunting party, with a rat controlling few turtles? If you attack the rat the turtles will become super fast and gang up on you?
  3. Marble Tree Guards Needed

    I like the idea of living marble. This opens up whole new crafting options. Or maybe just dropping some cool armor or helmet like the snurtle or slurtle. I'm terrible at drawing but here is a design idea.
  4. I had a few worlds where there are very limited clockwork above ground so I decided to try the "more" setting on world setup. Big Mistake!!! Holly crab how crazy the world became!!!!!!!! As soon as I step out of the portal I was beamed by 4 clockwork bishops and a clockwork rook started charging at me. I was died before I can say "oh shirt!" If this is more I scared to think what "lots" would look like. Until I found out they are actually very similar. Please sometimes we just need few more gears to survive the summer. Not an entire clockwork army chasing us. Put a distinction between "more" and "lots".
  5. I'm wondering. Why is there no marble tree guard/poison marble tree/exploding marble monster etc? Not all trees are created equal!!!! Marble tree went through the same life cycle as regular trees and yet they don't get the same love from Klei as regular trees do. There can't be no consequences for farming them! In a world where everything can kill you the livelihood of marble trees are largely ignored. It's like nobody really care if maniacs with axes came to chop them down and turned them into armors, furniture and flooring. It's just not fair. We need marble tree guards!!! Lol xddd #MarbleTreeLifeMatters