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Wilson Weekends - Private long-term server

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Hey Starverinos,

With all the recent new updates to Don't Starve Together, I've decided to start something called "Wilson Weekends". Every Friday-Sunday from approximately 4-630 EST, a large group from my discord server will be playing on our own private world.

Our server will have the following features:

-The classic Don't Starve Together experience. Bring your friends or meet some new ones!

-We'll be going through the endgame in-depth with all of our players. For those of you who struggle to find a server for that, Wilson Weekends are for you! No longer will you fight the Fuelweaver alone.

-On that note, the world won't be reset unless  absolutely everyone gets bored or an update so major releases that the world can't be retrofitted. In other words, the world will stick around for a LONG TIME.

-We'll be banning griefers quickly with our large mod team so there's no need to worry about that. The rules aren't incredibly strict aside from that, so you won't be falsely banned either.

-The server is hosted in the United States, on the East Coast.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please feel free to join my Discord server (link) and state that you're here to join us in Wilson Weekends. Then I'll give you the role and you'll be in! See you there.

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