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What are the current commands to restart/delete a character?

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scuba_corgi    0

I tried the cl_despawn commands via google but nothing worked, me and my friend (who runs the dedicated server). Does anyone know the current commands to change characters? Thanks

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Zillvr    1,653

Hello @scuba_corgi, welcome to the forums.

IIRC, the correct despawn command is:


Wherein # corresponds to 1st, 2nd or 3rd etc. player on the player list. If you want to despawn the third player on the player list, replace # with 3.

To despawn yourself (the host), use c_despawn().

NOTE: You have to be the host to be able to despawn players. If you are using a dedicated server, make sure you've set yourself as an admin to be able to push commands to the server.

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