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Graves, mounds, and burying

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Dug mounds, when interacted with, could offer an interface similar to that of a gift wrap or a bundling wrap (although maybe with only a single slot), and allow you to bury objects in the dug hole.  This could potentially be used for food preservation during the cold seasons, or at the very least just to give players the ability to re-bury little surprises for future visitors to the world.

Hounds could bury bone items in dug mounds too if they are available, or even dig up player-buried food if it's valid for them to eat.


I think that the graves are kind of wasted world objects, especially with how permanent they are.  The summoning of ghosts during the full moon is certainly something, but due to ghosts not providing a meaningful service or dropping any items, it's never really worth building near graves and exposing ones' self to that mechanic, despite their being a lasting landmark.

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