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First,i want to thank you for your great service in the game ,and thnks all the staff

I'm never written  message to company before ,it's my first time because for me Klei Entertainment in evolution , you surprised me with your creation of the game (don't strave) now with another greatest game ever and the genre of game that i love (GRIFTLANDS).
But the problem for me and many other player who loves the genre of game it's in system requirement  64 bit direct x 11 and 4 G ram i know that easy if you have a good computer but for me i have just 32 bit direct x 10.1 3 ram so plz the point of the game is  the great idea who make the game first in the world not the  graphic... so if you can reduce in the future base  system requirement  of (GRIFTLANDS) I will be the first loyal player Klei entertainement
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