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My idea is to add additional crock pot slot to store papyrus to 'remember' what was cooked. If the result wasn't regular food (e.g. the one that can't be cooked without recipe) then papyrus would turn into the recipe. As long as recipe stays in the slot, more instances of that food can be cooked. Additionally, recipes can be merged into recipe book which wouldn't have to be placed into the slot and instead allow cooking unusual food if present in the inventory of person who clicked 'Cook" button in the crock pot.

Unusual food has certain chance of being cooked when its requirements are fulfilled but recipe wasn't present (5%, for example); otherwise it fails and becomes regular food or even wet goop if there's no regular food to match the recipe. Success chance depends on food, allowing both very rare foods (<1% success chance) and uncommon (<33%) to co-exist.

Warly's recipes count as unusual, however, his portable crock pot has them unlocked as well as extra chance of success for other unusual foods (~25% for example, 1% success food would be 1,25% in portable crock pot). This way Warly's food knowledge would resemble Wickerbottom's science knowledge.

Thanks for reading.


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