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[Bug Report] No wormhole on first island in The Archipelago

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I tried playing Adventure mode but when I go to the Archipelago level, I explore the first island that I'm on completely but there's no wormhole to be found anywhere.  I've scoured the map view to see whether it was hidden under a spider nest or something but I can't find it at all!  I died and restarted Adventure mode and went back to the Archipelago level again but encountered the same thing--no wormhole to any of the other islands.  I figured the first time I encountered this issue, it might have just been a map glitch...no biggie I'll just restart.  However, the second time it happened, I'm worried that this is a bug in the current version of the game.

I've played Adventure mode on another tablet (Galaxy Tab S2) and the wormholes were there.  But that was a while ago with an earlier version of the game...

Anybody else see this issue?


Don't starve Pocket version 1.14.2


  • Android Device : Galaxy Tab S4
  • Model Number : SM-T830
  • Android OS Version Number : 9
  • Device Manufacturer : Samsung
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I don't know if it matters, but I was playing Wilson and I chose a NON-RoG game because I wanted a simpler Survival sandbox so I could jump into Adventure Mode more quickly.

As an aside, just for fun, I tried to see how long I could survive on the one island given the resources that were there.  I survived into the 20+ day mark but got careless and was killed by a shadow creature.  If I had been more methodical/patient I would have probably have been able to survive longer.

Food: I could get all the food I needed by picking up the fish and frog legs from merm/tentacle fights.  I got some tasty meat with the occasional Koalefant hunt where I could drive it into a tentacle and have it take care of the animal for me.  In winter, the pengulls could also be driven into tentacles to allow me to harvest meat and drumsticks.

Health: With all of the spiders being killed by tentacles, I found plenty of spider glands to heal me up if I got bitten or whacked while running around the swamp.

Sanity: I eventually ran out of flowers to pick or turn into a garland.  I resigned myself to slowly going insane and having to fight nightmare creatures.  However, the swamp was littered with tentacle spikes due to the countless battles going on and so I found myself able to fight off the nightmare creatures without too much trouble.  Admittedly I got into a bind with two Terrorbeaks rushing me at the same time at night around a campfire, but I was able to survive that at least once.

Light/fire : I could probably last until all of the flint ran out and I couldn't cut down any more trees for firewood.  Even then, I think I could probably have extended my life by making a bunch of torches and seeing if I could survive the night with those as well as lighting the swamp trees.  Or else try to light a really big bonfire and keep it burning as long as possible while trying to scavenge the island for goodies.

Warmth : Wilson's beard kept me warm even after winter set in.

The other thing I was relying on was all of the tentacles to keep killing spiders and merms but it just occurred to me that those would run out too as spiders/merms respawn from their nests/houses while tentacles do not, I believe.  Anyway, it was an interesting academic exercise and I wanted to make 100% sure that I wasn't just missing the wormhole anywhere.  I covered the ground of that island many, many times and never saw anything.

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I've got a Galaxy tab A, model number:SM-T515, Samsung.

I've got the same problem tried it at least 5 times if its a 1 time thing only its happens always nearly impossible to beat the game with this bug, try e-mailing the develepers because they might not check these forums so they dont know about the bugs. The more people report this bug the faster they fix it.

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