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  1. Update is finally available and game is playable once again after waiting like for forever. Anyways thanks, but Im just curious why does it say "Last Updated Sept. 21" in Android Playstore, when I check everyday but was only able to update it today.
  2. Hi, Good day Sir Moderator/Dev hope we get a reply for any kind of update if there would be any estimated time for the update or if you are still looking up for some fixes, just to give a "calming" notice for us who wants to play this lovely creation of a game. Hope it gets fixed soon. Im itching to go back playing this game. Thanks in advance for the response.
  3. Hi, Im having the same problem with my device when I recently update to android oreo. I hope this is resolved or being resolved. If it is fixed could someone help how to return the touch controls because its opting me to use also a controller. My Device is: -Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus -Bluetooth is turned off. -Im not using any 3rd party software/app Ive attached a screenshot of my devices info. Hope it gets resolved soon. Thank you. Love your game, I hope could play it again soon.