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jules verne and dont starve

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Hi, i dont know if this fits here or could be interesting for someone. 

The thing is that a year ago i had read Mysterious Island by Jules Verne and the entire book i was thinking in this game.


Is about a group of mens and a kid that for some calamity they landed in an island with no manking apparently. One of then (the principal character and the shadow of Verne's ego xD) its an engineer and start looking for materials to improve their survival. They start by 0 (no fire, no weapons, no roofs, etc) and they achieve with phisics and chemical knowledge things like having an oven or made gunpowder. The book is also a "sequel" of 20000 league under the sea

If someone likes classic books and this game could like this book.


Someone knows another book tha remembers this game?

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