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Another metal refinery coolant setup

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Not a revolutionary idea, but haven’t seen it before. I have a volcano powered 10kg/s petrol cooker, but it’s slightly under-powered (weak volcano output.) I could have lengthened the heat exchanger but I didn’t want to tear it down. 

so instead the crude gets routed through the metal refinery prior to going to the petrol cooker, with a bypass for when the refinery isn’t in operation (using bridge logic). Petrol cooker isn’t running out of magma anymore. And since the heat isn’t lost, I just harvest it on the back-end, with the cooked petrol going through a steam turbine. 

Caveat: if you use your incoming oil to cool Steel auto-loaders, periods of high refinery use can raise them above overheat temp, so I configured the refinery bypass with a valve to ‘dilute’ the hot refinery crude a bit to below steel overheat temp. 

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