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The hottest Winter ever!

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This story occurred right after the screenshot from the celestial altar when i explained my theory about Warly quotes. Pss: i examined the lunar ghosts and he said again something about going back to Mamaam!

If something i´m plaing as Warly so this maybe will prove you how he is not too hard as you may think!

The lunar island explored, 1\2 of spring remaining, 5 new glass swords 3 stacks of sewed, 1 of stone fruit bushes, an glass axe, 2 stacs of turf!

I went back with Chester to the boat and started sailing back to the main island while thinking, torow i will go in a holiday with my fammylly and will return only after the New Year, so i need to do ALL of the recepice from the new oven in case i won´t be able to do it after wards. So the timer was tiking, there was a lot to do so it began!

I arrived at base, first i needed a location i immediately found a good one and putted the Christmas tree in the senter, i desidet to put 4 festive tables in each side and ad the 2 extras afterwards, i putted the oven just in a random place for the current time.

from now on i will count the actions to be it easier:

  1. I needed some buffalo wool so i went to the only herd in my world with 3 buffalo! that was not enough for all the tables so i needed to get more afterwards. There was a problem, the buffalo were reproducing so they were hostile, i needed to be careful to get the necessary ingridient!
  2. I had to smack down 2 Ginger pig villages that i discovered earlier in  the play through, once again there was not enough matirial for the hole thing!
  3. I went home and made the first 12 tables, and startet too cook: 1.Cabbage rolls, i got some reeds from the lunar island; 2.Festive fish dish, i got the spoiled fish morsel when i though that the new fishing machine is made out of a small fish; 3. Latkes- the easiest; 4. Panettone- i got some stone fruits from  the lunar island; 5. Pavlova- i know that the lunar flowers would be necessary; 6. Pickled Herring- fortunately got exactly 11 salt from the salt formations on my way to the moon; 7. Polish Cookies - the second easiest; 8. Sweet Potato Casserole- i actually did not have rocks but i mined some stone fruits. Thous were 8, 11 to go.
  4. Went quickly to swamp for 2 mosquito sacs for Merry Berrysauce, in it i found a skeleton and got the bones for Good Gravy and choped a Birchnut tree in my way for the Tourtiere. 7 left!
  5. Quickly went to the underground and got 2 ferns for Bibingka. 6 left!
  6. found an evil flower for the Mulled Punch, found a burned random tree and got the charcoal for Roasted Turkey! 4 left!
  7. Now was the beginning of the real challenge: i had to catch a big fish without any bobbles, needed to find a Ewecus for her goop, needed more Holiday chears, more wool bear hear and  the bee stingers. And on top of that summer was in 1 1\2 days and i was not prepered!
  8. I went to grab some niter from meteorites, killed 2 bees, prototyped the endothermic fire and lefted base with chester till the end.
  9. Went underground, founded some rabbits destroyed them and got the bear hear.
  10. I went to the oasis, wile fishing i though carefully about my next moves, got a ligh booble from oasis pond-cool.
  11. I builded an improvised boat and needed to catch a big fish with berries and seeds! God that was one of the most frustrating parts!
  12. Went back to the buffalo got the remaining wool.
  13. I tried to find a ginger pig and a Ewecus for ages, i went exploring the remaining black spots, during this time i got 2 hound wawes, good i was getting low on food.
  14. Found a ginger pig, cooked all the 17 recepice except the pumpkin pie.
  15. When i was wandering if i should use console and stop my misery, when i  found the Ewecus after 4 coalofant unfortunate trail, killed her with pigs. Went back home, finished the Diner area and lefted happily!


This was difficult to not die with Warly during it, difficult  but manageable. I ate some times repiting the same foods, but as you can see in my inventory are 19 berries, 4 blue caps and 6 meat, so it was not to hard! :) 

This is not the final look but i will change around of it but i will decorate it after New Year, i hope you liked this litel adventure. Happy New Year.

P.S sorry for grammar feliurs i had no time.

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