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New world unique generations for the new Sea content?

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First i am talking about generations that don´t always appear in the map like reed trap, i am not talking about gen. that are always like those spots in the sea with a bunch of seaweeds together

Correct me if i am wrong, but sometimes when you go sailing you can encounter yourself with shipwrecks, boards silk malbatros feathers leing in the sea surfes (maybe i am really wrong, i encountered it after the first salt update in the beta or something like that.).

But there surtenlly something more to be possible to ad. I for instance since the beginning of the return (of them), wanted a pig house in a bout in the midle of the ocian with a seaweed hat and the new\old fishing rod near it.

What would be your world unique generation for the return of Them? Fell free to writ your ideas.

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