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Mods dont run

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when my friend install mods they show in the menu, but when join he into a game the mods not work.. just te vanilla game... heeelp :c

he reinstall the game but still not working..


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Hello @Miike16, welcome to the forums.

Not all mods enabled in the mods menu would work for every server.

There are two types of Mods.

  • Server Mods - requires to be installed to the server directly by the Server Host. Simplest way to use Server Mods, is the Host has to enable the Mods from the Mods Tab in their Host Game Screen. If the host is using dedicated servers, they require a bit more involvement with game files. Server Mods used by Client users/non-host players will not be enabled if the Server Mods are not installed on the Server.
  • Client Mods - only requires to be enabled by user and can be used on any server. As long as none of your client mods interfere or conflict with server mods, you shouldn't come across any issues.

So, which mods is your friend trying to use? And who is the Host when they "join" a game?

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hello :) thanks for answering, 
I understand that, the problem is this: 
for example, 
there is a mod that translates the client to Spanish, 
I can use it without problem,
 but he follows the same steps but the game does
 not change language, 
So with all mods, whether server or client: c
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@Miike16 which mod are you using in particular? It could be a mod specific issue.

If it's a server mod, and the host is enabling the mod. All users should be affected by the mod when they join the server.

Can your friend confirm that they have the "Auto-Subscribe Mods:" enabled in their Game Options > Settings BEFORE joining the server?

When you say "he follows the same steps", are they ALSO starting up their own servers? So basically any Server Mods they use doesn't affect game even if they enable it in the Host Game screen?

If none of their mods are taking effect recommend them to verify the integrity of the game cache and also click the "Clean All" button in the mods screen to redownload all the mods.

If the issue persists, please ask your friend to attach a copy of their client_log.txt file (found in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\) and also a copy of the most recent server_log.txt file (found in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_#\Master). Where # corresponds to the slot number used to host the game server that is having issues from the Host Game screen.

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