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Pls rework shadowpiece preperation on Ps4 systems

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Mijou    0

Hello devs, 

Ive tried for More than 7 Worlds to find one World that is able to spawn the shadowpiece boss fight. I looked multiple times always with Different camera rotation, but always theres either the Statue itself missing or the suspios marble for it. 

Im really at the point of thinking that im gonna quit this game since i cant find any ruin Regen compatible World in over 50 hours. PC users can just spawn those in, ps4 doesnt have a dev console. 

Since the chess trinkets only drop when the certain Statue has been rebuilt makes this an almost impossible task to even acces the ancient fuelweaver fight for many many Worlds. 


Enough whining, heres my simple suggestion:

- Let the chess trinkets drop regardless (without requirments) 


This solution is simple and a big fix in my eyes for the ps4 community. Its still a Lot of rng so it can be some big Grind im willing to take that. 

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BeeClops    329

It has also happened to me before that some of the pieces are missing, in a world i died a long time ago. But since then i always scout the pieces early on just to make sure they are there, before puttint too much time and effort into the world.

It should normally never happen ofc and maybe they improved it since, but still i think checking early is never bad. I tend to do this a lot when i m planning to play long on a server, try to scout for the pieces and check the ruinis gen fairly fast.

But i generally think it shouldn't be changed, it's meant to be somewhat of a chore, even tho your suggestion is not that gamebreaking :).

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