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Since, you can switch characters with the tent (which i don't like), i understand the demand of some players, to switch over another character in the same world. In it's actual state, the characters don't have special abilities (beside Wilson). But switching characters, when they HAVE specials, left me with mixed feelings. I think, when you start a new run with a specified char, this run should be unique with this char, with all ups and downs. Switching forth and back, to have the best opportunities in different situations could be an abusive way to play the game.

So, if we really need to switch them in the same world? Or it's better to have more worlds parallel(3 saves e.g.) , if a player gets bored and want to start over with a new character, but wont delete his actual saves?

The mirror thingy, to switch over, may be a bargain, if the mirror is a random "building" somewhere on the islands (definitely not a handheld version), with the fact, that a switch cause some sort of "bad luck", when you do it.

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I agree, it shouldn't be a simple matter to switch characters, and yes, I feel once special traits or abilities are added to make the characters different from one another this might be abused to deal with "situation specific" tasks. I do like the idea of finding something on an island that could be used either once before it's depleted or in rare situations (i.e. only during a full moon). For example, you could discover an ancient vine-covered ruin with a large pool/fountain and during the night, only when the full moon reflects on its surface, can a player choose to enter and change their character, emerging from the waters with the newly selected character.

As for bad luck... maybe you could have a guardian protecting the place where players switch characters or a curse effect that lingers for several days (i.e. double hunger speed, attract spiders at twice the distance, set fire to objects when you approach them, ect)?

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