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Recipes not showing up

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Hello, so I'm completely new to modding stuff on dst but i feel i've been picking things up rather nicely. I'm currently trying to simply merge a few mods some people have made for my own personal use. 

The mods in question are all characters mods.



- BOTW Link

All i wanted to do, was make it so that Falchion from Lucina's mod, and some of the weapons from Links mod, were on Ike an he could use them without having to use the other two mods. 

I've been able to successfully get the weapons on the Ike, an i've even managed to make it so Lucina's Falchion triggers Ikes Aether skill. 

However, the only problem I'm having now an i cant seem to figure out is that i cant seem to get the items to show up in any recipe tabs for Ike. 

Link comes with his own custom recipe tab, an i've managed to somehow get some of the items from there onto his war tab, but nothing shows up for Ike.  







I'm not trying to edit anything at the moment, I'm simply trying to make them be able to show up in Ikes Fighting tab like his Ragnell and Ettard is. 

I've tried copying Links entire custom recipe tab over as well hoping they'd at least show up in there but that doesnt seem to work either. 

But again I have managed to some how make the swords show up in Links War tab despite not changing anything in Links files. 

And, i've only managed to make it so the swords are in the game with only ikes mod being loaded, but i cant get them to show up in the recipe tab.

If i could get some help with that i'd greatly appreciate it as i can manage it from there. I'm hoping i'll learn what i am doing wrong or missing so i can work on the rest later. 

Also i have it as GLOBAL.RECIPESTABS.WAR simply cause i was trying everything i could to get them show up if that makes a difference. 

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Please attach a zip of your mod to a reply here. Reading the code like this is confusing.

This might be bad. Not sure if the compiler understands without at least a space. idk. It's confusing, nonetheless.


That aside, when those recipe images don't show up, it's usually because the atlas files or their associated textures are missing, assuming the file path references are correct.

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