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Decoding The Ancient Language

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Alright, so I know people have decoded the symbols but what about the actual words? Do we know how to translate English over to Ancient?


As you can see, some of the words have different or extra letters added to them. Has anyone come up with a system that will help with this? I have a small spreadsheet based on these few words.  

Some words are weird to translate. 

Like one English word (Incubation) would translate to DEVINUBATIONIBUS based on the info that I have, so yeah has anyone come up with some info on this??? Some of the words are really close to being English, or sound like it at least and some I can't even explain. (Tenebis = Dark) 

Also feel free to fix up the spreadsheet, make it neater, etc 



Maybe in the future we will be able to speak ancient   \__("/)__/


Alsoo Yes I know my  spreadsheet sucks, I'm working off of very little info.....







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