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Why is this version full of glitches?

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1- I can't rotate the screen 

2- sometimes everything stop working and i can't open my inventory or crafting or even pause the game 

3- sometimes it tells me that the night is a full moon night but it isn't and i die and sometimes the water glitches and the textures disappear and sometimes there is a circle of light show around me in night and it is very annoying cause i can't know how to much remains for the fire and i can't see if am in the light or in the dark and sometimes i die

4- the attack button is always glowing because of it i miss the hits and die 



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Just wanted to chime in.

1- I haven't seen this on mine. (yet)


2- I think this might have occurred to me a few times but force-quitting the game (or rebooting the tablet) seems to have fixed it as I don't remember this being a permanent problem.  Can't remember if that was an earlier version of the game or not...


3- Yup.  I see this when I switch apps or lock the screen and don't quit the game first.  See


4- I have also noticed that the red attack button is now always live and I can swing my weapon or fist at the air.  This wasn't like this in previous versions.  At least it appears that when an enemy is close the game successfully targets them and so I haven't been in combat where this causes me to die.  I'd prefer it though if the game went back to the previous behavior where the red button only lit up if there was something nearby for me to actually target and hit...


Don't starve Pocket version 1.14.2


  • Android Device : Galaxy Tab S4
  • Model Number : SM-T830
  • Android OS Version Number : 9
  • Device Manufacturer : Samsung
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