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  1. I play on ps4 and my 500 days world is not working... it says launching server and stays like this forever i tried these things: rollback, restart the game, restarted my ps4, rebuilded my data base and yeah i tried waiting for an hour for it to let me start the world but it keeps saying launching server i don't want to lose this world so please help oh and i can't generate a new world as well and no one can actually (on ps4)
  2. you're the best klei! truly worth our support, dst is becoming better and better over time and there's no update that disappointed me so far (except for the hook line and inker that was a little disappointed to be honest, but i enjoy it when i do it from time to time) and this update is great! and i have an idea for you: move the bundling wrap to the start of the survival tab. and thanks for your hard work!