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Newgame+ Suggestion

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So hello everyone. I've been playing this game since the release, and something always made me wonder; it would be nice if one could start a new colony in another asteroid by a one-way trip. It could be done by a special kind of rocket, that you could fill with materials of your choice, and then it would travel to another random asteroid. It's a one way trip, and everything you left behind is going to be deleted, so it would not interfere with processing. The question however, would be the place where your special rocket would land, because most likely it would force you to build a base in the surface of the asteroid, instead of the middle. This could provide many challenges, as the equation for survival now changes totally in this perspective. The asteroid is chosen when you travel, and it could be any of the several asteroids available during standard newgame; except now you can't choose anything. Well that's my suggestion, and I hope others share opinions and ideas about this.

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