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Dedicated servers offline

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Not sure if the devs realize this but the dedicated servers are really the only way to communicate to another player how good/bad you are. I have survived over 200 days on a dedicated server. That means surviving with no/limited rollbacks, surviving griefers, known to be default rules, etc.  You can't trust player hosted servers to be prone to griefers, limited rollbacks, newbie/non-helpful players, etc.  So it is a real blow to the community not to have these.  At the time that the servers went down today the US server #1 was at 187 days with myself and another player both at over 90 days survived.  Claiming that many days survived on a public server is a HUGE accomplishment without them going down out from under you.  The only reason that I even played DST today was that the server was still up from my 70+ days last night and I saw an opportunity to possibly beat my record of 121 days on a public server.  Alas, at 97 days survived you all yanked that possibility away from me.  I'll be back the next time two things are true:
1. It's a weekend (only time I have enough time to play 100+ days)
2. There are caves... wtf are there no caves on 4/5 of the public dedicated servers?
See you again when those two are true.


- Max

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Yeah, I posted that 7 hours before I received the update.

These guys really need a server person.  Someone who is used to keeping servers online during software release schedules.  There may still be a small downtime but it would be measured in minutes not days..  Having done this for over 20 years I can tell you that it is absolutely ridiculous to take 10 servers offline at the same time.  If I did that I'd get fired.  To intentionally take 10 servers offline for days...  I don't think that I'd be able to get a job in the industry again once that story got out.

Using the 1990's physical server methodology that these guys appear to be using they should take a set down, update them, bring them back, repeat until all are done.  Even with that old 1990's to early 2000's methodology the downtime should be measured in minutes not days..  With modern server technology (virtualization) you should have an entire set of new servers ready to go, take down the old set of servers and put your new set online.  Downtime in modern server methodology is measured seconds.

With a good server admin virtualizing the machines on a platform like Google, AWS, or Azure they could actually monetize the servers by hosting servers for players.  Like $5/month and your server is always available for your friends whether you are there or not.  Would cost them about $0.45/month plus the admin's salary (of course that salary is divided across all the hosted servers).  Hosted servers that are not being used cost nothing because the get "de-instantiated".  That $0.45/month is only for servers that players are actively playing on.  No, the de-instantiated servers don't get wiped, they are just basically put into stasis until a player tries to use them again, then they get "thawed out" and re-instantiated.  But, to do this they would need someone knowledgeable in virtualization and on-demand instantiation.

Oh, and I posted this in July 2018:



U.S. (East) Dedicated Server have no caves
MaxCoffeebreath posted a bug in [Don't Starve Together] PS4

Title says it all. 
 July 11, 2018


If my developers left a bug that large in the game for over a year and a half, I'd be lobbying management to fire them.

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