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I need a Mute All Setting

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I’m just going to post my question here and hope someone replies-

I am a quiet Gamer.. I keep to myself and I rarely if ever use a headset therefore the problem is other players who use headsets, I WANT to join games and play with people the game is called Don’t Starve Together after all.. but what I DON’T want is to hear what sounds like a hundred 9 year old children all yelling at one another on their headsets & would like to ask Is there a way to turn Microphone chat off completely?? I live in a small house with family members trying to sleep in close proximity to me and my Xbox, I can control the games volume and turn that down to acceptable levels, what I can not seem to control is joining other players worlds or them joining mine and being incredibly LOUD over their mic’s compared to the rest of my games volume settings.

so the TL:DR version- Please Klei for the love of my ears add a option in the Settings menu that let’s me disable ALL players Mic’s so I don’t have to join a game and mute them all manually one by one each time. :(

Thank You.

(I was told to repost this here.. so it’s been reposted here)

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