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Wormwood ideas

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Hi there!

As a Webber main player, I switched a few months ago to Warmwood on a new world I have with my friends. I have to admit it's a different gameplay, but I reaaaaally love it! 
Based on my tests, I've got a few suggestions, and I would be really pleased to read your ideas/suggestions about this lovely character! So if one day he is changed, here are some spontaneous ideas...:

Positive changes:

- Can plant every type of vegetables/fruits (cave bananas for examples) and MOVES flowers and every type of bush (reeds, spiky bush, algae...), of course losing sanity when digging them up
- Can craft a bagpack thanks to foliages
- Eating a special dish cooked with plant meat gives a boost (stronger?) for a short time
- Rain is less negative to Worwood, who likes to be "fed" with it! 
- Can approch turkey easily without being spotted (hey guys, isn't he a plant?!)
- Can craft bucket-o-poop out of Guano (instead of only manure)
- Can craft a watering can to increase the growing speed of plants/trees in general (a bit like manure, but needs to be crafted and then filled up into a pond). Of course it has durability and is not that easy to craft. It can be used in addition to manure to create the "best conditions" for a plant to grow.
- Sanity bonus when planting or approaching a scarecrow ("new friend!" :D )
- Can carve pumpkins to make a source of light just like halloween stuff (only avalaible in fall? Accessible when Worwood is by a scarecrow)
- Has a chance to grow a flower by planting a classic seed (for example 10%?)
- Useless but so important... can craft "free" flower pots (I mean, not to put on a table!). And put flowers in them, just to decorate. (Or it may give +1 sanity for example, but my goal was just to flood people with flowers everywhere on the floor haha)

Negative/challenging changes:

- Beefallos want to eat him (sorry but he is so appetising! :p )
- Lose a bit of sanity while walking on a wooden floor...? (poor log friends :( )
- Not only attract bees at spring, but also butterflies (so they're easier to catch, but it's also risky when you fight bees at the same time because you may kill an innocent butterfly :( )
- More affected by night/lack of light (at night & in caves) > slowed down for example? A plant needs light to live!
- More seasonal differences (instead of just "blooming season" effects): 
* At spring: speed improved, max health & sanity too, but looses its hunger really fast!
* In summer: max sanity lowered, hunger is losed slower. Improved risk of self-burning (I know it does exists but never saw that?).
* In fall: everything's O.K. x)
* In winter: everything is slowed down (speed, health lose when dealing with freeze for example etc.) and max stats are reduced > he winters!

- Add the "humidity meter" all the time except in winter (he already has a penality). It has to be managed to a correct level (be careful at spring with rain and in summer with the hot weather!).
For example, Wormwood needs to keep the meter between 25 and 75%. When it is  25% or less, Wormwood is considered as "dry" and he needs the splash of a water baloon or something like that, or the use of the watering can (mentioned above). If he doesn't do anything, his stats are reduced and he has increased chances to burn. 
At the opposite, when humidity meter is 75% or more, Worwood is considered as "wet" and he starts losing health and sanity, and *absolutly* needs to be dried (the stats decrease really fast and never stops until he reaches zero of humidity to "reset" the count). 

Of course in summer and in spring, the humidity meter is harder to manage because it drops/increases faster due to weather!


Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker :/ Also I hope not to be in the wrong section of the forum: I searched for a similar topic but didn't find one anywhere :( 

Hope to read your ideas too!

See you later!

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