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Need help for my mod!

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Hello everybody!

I want to make my self modded structure being a light source. The light lasts forever and does not need fuel. Could somebody help me please? Thank you!

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within the prefab file and before you do the ismastersim check, add
(so make sure it is added for clients and server)

Then you can search the game code for "inst.Light" and use everything you can find, for example:
    inst.Light:SetRadius(0) -- radius of light
    inst.Light:SetIntensity(.65) -- intensity
    inst.Light:SetFalloff(.7) -- dont know
    inst.Light:SetColour(251/255, 234/255, 234/255) -- the color rgb value
    inst.Light:Enable(false) -- enable light true/false
(this is also everything done for client and server, so before the mastersim check)

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