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Void worldgen

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you can start with this code in modworldgenmain:

    level.tasks = {"your custom task that is very tiny"}
    level.numoptionaltasks = 0 -- empty everything else
    level.optionaltasks = {}
    level.set_pieces = {}
    level.required_setpieces = {}
    level.numrandom_set_pieces = 0
    level.random_set_pieces = {}
    level.required_prefabs = {"spawnpoint_master"} -- your task has to include a spawnpoint_master. yes write it into your custom task code
    level.overrides.has_ocean = false -- this will remove the ocean
    level.overrides.world_size = "small"

This will overwrite every level (the worldsetting presets) to use this worldgeneration.

You still have to create your own task that you put into level.tasks.
I dont know if it is really possible to make it only one tile big, I doubt so, but you can try to make it as small as possible.

See scripts/map/tasks/forest.lua for examples how to create tasks.
There you see that you most likely will also need a room... I dont have much knowledge how these work, and if we also need to add some room choices within the AddLevelPreInit above, no clue.  But I would try to make a custom task, that has LOCKS.NONE and KEYS.NONE, no entrance_room and only a single room choice, which will be your custom room. See scripts\map\rooms\forest folder for examples on how to create rooms.
I have no clue where you define the size of a room/task.

So that is all I know, you have to find out the rest by yourself with studying game files and try/error ;)


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