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So, a Robot and a Valkyrie walk into the Ruins...

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Our story starts as me, a WX-78, joins a server and begins planning out a Ruins Rush. i join at around day 5, but it's day 8ish by the time i get all the equipment. it was a twiggy tree server, so sticks were hard to come by, but with the help of a Wigfrid i'm able to gather all the materials i need to start the rush.

Sadly, of course, i head into the caves and instantly realize i put the alchemy engine ABOVE ground. so, i had to come back and build a lantern that way.

Finding the ruins biome was tough. during my travels, i encountered a Fire Hound set piece underground. i decided to leave it, considering i didn't need the staff. little did i know what would happen when the staff was touched...20191029225912_1.thumb.jpg.7b5d7d03da2f93ca05e67f267f2b395c.jpg''

The adventure continued, with me eventually locating the Ruins biome and attempting to find the start of the Main ruins area.

oh, how i HATE shadow monkeys.

so i'm forced to run in circles around lightbulbs for a few minutes as I'm chased by an entire horde. during this time, my HP drops to 100 and my first football helmet gets extremely low. (thanks, spiders!)

Eventually, the shadow cycle ends and i find the entrance to the main Ruins. i meet up with the Wigfrid from earlier (who had also came down to the ruins) and off we go, mining and killing clockworks.

turns out, Wigfrid had taken the fire staff, resulting in rain. good lord, the rain. it lasted for AGES. we almost froze to death multiple times (i 100% would have if Wigfrid hadn't prepared with some campfires).


Eventually, the rain stops (FINALLY). we find and fight the Ancient Guardian. we use the cheese method and get him stuck behind a pillar.


Sadly, due to the spot being too close to the edge of the void, the Horn ends up falling into the abyss. yikes. at least we managed to get the stuff out of the chest and make our way back to the surface after gathering up the rest of the loot.


After making our way out of the Ruins, we find the base (positioned right next to the sinkhole we came out of). with the ruins behind us, we finally put down our loot and relax.


And that's how me and a Wigfrid managed to clear the Ruins and cheese the Ancient Guardian despite the endless amounts of rain, thanks to good pre-planning.

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