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Plz add the owner of evrery skin the game has.Its hard to find who skins(body and etc.)that i get when opening the gift box,same as the items(picaxe and etc.).

example:(skin's name)(skin owner)

The Triumphant Sets

-shadow suit,Wilson


It will be amazing if u could add this feature in next update.Its really help me in finding skins.So do not need to go character by character i to find the skin owner.



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The title of this thread is called Skins, so I’m just going to post my idea here-

Currently the new Crow Chasing Mini-Game is pretty neat but it doesn’t do much, you get a profile picture for using up all your tools but that’s about it, I think it would be Awesome if the Crow Game reward players skins based on reaching a score threshold.

Such as “20,000 points and I Might Gives Ya a Gift!”

Or “Chase off 1,500 crows this week and I’ll letcha pick out something from mah shop.”

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