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Fuelweaver dynamics

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So, AF is by far my favorite boss in the game by far and i've been fascinated by the fight ever since he got released.

I've recently discovered a yt video by KoreanWaffles of speedrunning him on day 17, by using one repaired shadow piece on day 1 to spawn the other 2 whenever ready, witch eliminates the 21 day cap of killing him, but ofc adds a huge amount of rng required for this to work. Replies to the thread corresponding to that video have been closed, so i'm curios, does that mechanic still work or has it been patched?

On another note, the bone attacks became unavoidable by hugging edges, witch i love. You're not supposed to cheese FW by any means :D. However, i think this makes that 17 day speedrun record will most likely stand, as i think it's quite impossible to solo him now without an explorer, so before winter(And obviously not counting other cheeses/exploits like catapults or walls or whatever).

Personally, i struggle a lot to solo him now as mighty wolf with 1 explorer(1/2 crown, 1 thelu suit, 40 cacti is what i usually go for on speedrun tries), i need about 25% more uses to do it. But i'm not that good at it either if you ask me. Is there any video of the fight, no weatherpain, just 1 explorer with his current mechanics? Or someone here willing to make one? :D


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