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This has been brought all over the forums already but since I haven't found an entry here yet, I'll make it official:

The Merms and Warrior Merms AI is currently bugged/wonky, they don't defend you against things like hound waves and they tend to lose aggro, forget what they were doing, not respond to other merms being attacked, etc. Also non befriended merms in general currently don't attack non-wurt players.

What I believe they need is an AI much better suited to their jobs: try to protect you, protect themselves, maybe punch a few times inbetween attacks, and try to avoid AOE damage. If you move away from the battle they will then lose aggro and follow you, but only if the distance is enough.

I don't know much about coding and I know AI coding is hard, so I can't offer many details on how this could be done, if anyone else can offer insights on this I'd appreciate it.

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