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Wilson Update Idea

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(Sorry for my english)

The Wilson Update Idea
(All this thing can be craft by only Wilson)
1) Now Wilson can craft meat puppets on alchemy machine. The request is
-5 normal meat
-5 monster meat
-2 light bulbs
-5 hair
The meat puppets follows the creator. 
They attack style is tank, damage is 30 and health is 500
They glowing slightly
They don't come too near to player and all players lost sanity when near them.
They getting rot in 40 days and drops 5 rots.
Pigs, beefalos, bunnymans and cats attacks him if he didn't wear costume! Costume request:
-4 pig skin
-2 black feather
-1 Rabbit Puff
If you are so away from him, the crows will attack him. (40 damage per minute)

2) Now Wilson can craft chemstation! It's need:
-2 gold
-10 stone
-4 coal
He can also craft woodcup with two wood. You can protect and use the chemicals with cups! Here some chemical recipes:
-NH3: You can grow your farms full with 4-5 cups.
(Watercup*1, Nitre*2)

-P: It's glowing for 10 seconds where it broke.
(Watercup*1, Lightbulb*1)

-CO2: You can freeze which creature you throwed for 8 seconds.
(Coal*2, Ice*5)

-Sugar: You can make creatures sticky (They slow down) for 10 seconds.
(Watercup*2, Berries*5)

-HCl: It's acidic potion. Creatures will take damage if touch acidic ground. It will be on ground for 20 seconds and hit 5 damage per second.
(Watercup*3, Salt*10)

NH2: It's explosive! Damage of this bomb is 150!!
(Coal*5, Nitre*10)

Please share with me what you thinking! 


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