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Help with modding a custom item


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Hi everyone,
I have a weapon like a boomerang and I have this idea to implement it this way: it does not cause damage, but stuns. I had a similar implementation for the DST, now I port to the DS, I do not know how to properly issue. Thanks in advance!

my code for this item in dst:


local function onattack_wand(inst, attacker, target)
            if target.sg and target.sg:HasState("stunned") and target.prefab ~= "buzzard" then
                target:DoTaskInTime(0, function(self)
            elseif target.prefab == "butterfly" or target.prefab == "bee" or target.prefab == "killerbee" or target.prefab == "mosquito" then
                target:DoTaskInTime(0, function(self)
                    --self.sg:SetTimeout(2) -- 0.15
                    if self.components.inventoryitem then
                        self.components.inventoryitem.canbepickedup = true



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