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Preservative items, et al.

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1. I want a preservative item to decorate my server with light bulbs. If I can only make preservatives by grinding Iridescent gems, I think it won't hurt the balance significantly. I'm not sure if it's overbalanced to use preservatives on equipment that has a shelf life like ham bat.


2. I would like to be able to increase anenemy either by respawning or by decomposing anenemy through crafted items. My server was created before the RoT update, so there is very little anenemy. I think it's unfair that there are about 15-45 on other servers, but only 9 on my server.


3. When would you update to reduce game lag? My server is over 2000 days old, and when more than 4 people come in, it takes a huge lag.


You may feel strange about my grammar because I'm not good at English. I'm sorry about this!


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