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  1. If I run fast, I can't hear the sound of alto well. Every time i run, the shell bells sound different. Don't Starve Together 2020-06-29 17-20-16.mp4
  2. We replaced Crabby Hermit and her house with new ones. Thank you for your kind reply.
  3. The console doesn't work. [string "dumptable(TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse..."]:1: attempt to index a nil value
  4. 1. Crabby Hermit doesn't respond to any fish, there is no response to reject, too. Don't Starve Together 2020-04-27 15-04-42.mp4 2. Crabby Hermit doesn't eat jerky, berry and everything she has harvested. Don't Starve Together 2020-04-27 15-06-18.mp4 I don't know if it's related to this bug, we opened the server during the beta. Please heal my grandmother.
  5. Hounds spawned by varg stop when they spawned near the sea.