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DST desert biome refresh idea

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Dear Klei, 

My name is Aydan and I am a graphic design student from Turkey. 
I enjoy playing your games and looking at your drawings. 
I don't think I can do things as good as you yet, so I just want to offer you the ideas I have in mind to make the game much better.
I asked my friends who played your game and got their ideas too.

for example, a different biome, eg the Sahara desert
Think of the ground as soil, just like the living space of the dragonfly boss
but like in the swamp, players wait too long in some parts of the floor 
ground turns into an arid soil and mysterious hands will come out of the floor where the players are standing 
and pull them in randomly mines(if they are lucky the hands pull them in into the mine where one of the 3 precious pieces is found.)

Sometimes big desert storms can be just like the current biome but if the players stops too much in these sandstorms, 
they have this effect called 'sand smearing'. this effect causes blurring of vision over time.
Just like the soaking effect when it rains, in the biome i thought, have sand smearing effect.
if the sand smearing effect is increased, the items on the players cannot be kept from the dust and fall to the floor. 
If the items falling on the ground are not cleaned from dust and don't taken from the floor, completely becomes dust.

Wolves as well as desert foxes, scorpions, desert lizard and even camels can be added to the desert map.
And maybe you want to change the wolves in the desert to jackals or hyenas.

Camels can have high life levels and when they die, they can drop meat like a turkey 
There is no thirst in the game so I thought that a player eating this flesh, his hunger will slow down 
After the camel died, it drop the it's leather, flasks can be made with some sand and this leather.
these bottles can be filled from cacti or through another camel.
just like buffaloes, these camels living in colonies can be trained.
When camels are trained, they will be able to ride with a special saddle and riding camels will lead to faster travel in the desert
Camels can store water.

I thought lizards would be fast and could be buried in the sand from time to time. 
When the desert lizards are killed, the skins that fall can be made of leather gloves that we can collect huge cacti, without damage. 
Or a special bag is, made of falling leather. The food in this bag is not affected by the sand smearing effect.

Desert foxes can be cute just like a pet dog as well as actually pog.
They can be used to determine the weather. 
if there is a negative change in the weather, the desert fox starts to bark and spin.

I think scorpions would be good boss monsters and it has little helpers like itself. 
If the scorpion boss is collected in 3 different pieces that are protected by little scorpions in random mines in the desert 
and brought together in the designated altar, the scorpion boss will be called and will come out of the sand.
if you think of bringing poisoning into the game, they can give us the antibody when we kill them.
also the spear made by a needle that will fall from the death of this boss will have the ability to poison to enemies like the same poison darts.

I think your biomes are amazing but they can be improved.
I think the game will become more exciting if you make this suggestion.
Let's make the 'Don't Starve' better Together. 

Yours affectionately

this is me:

and this is my friend who helped me:

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