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Custom brain for pet


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I'm tweaking the beefalo brain to do this but since my coding skills are not that great I'm having hard time figuring things out.

Can someone look at this lua file and tell me what should I add or remove?

Perks I'm thinking is being friendly to hounds and gains sanity near it. Only my custom mod character (who has the summoning item) can ride it. And command to attack players or mobs if player wishes to.   




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you are mixing up different things. This is not a brain file, it is a prefab file.
So first of all you should look at things that are either made by modders or already in the game to of what files somehting is made of.
Usually we have a prefab file, like the one you uploaded here, and this file is loading a brain file. Your does load the beefalobrain.lua.

I guess all you want from the beefalo is the ability to ride it and maybe the ability to feed it, right?
Is there anything more?
If not, it might be better to start from scratch and do not use the beefalo as base, because you have to remove 95% of the code.

How should the "command to attack" look like? Like shadow minions from maxwell, which will attack everything maxwell does attack and will defend him?

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