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[REQUEST] Thermium from abyssalite

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I was thinking since abyssalite is an artificially created crystal of tungsten, we should be able to convert it to tungsten WITHOUT ridiculous insulation pipes melters.

Then I was thinking, why do I want tungsten? For thermium. So why can't the molecular forge (the device that rearranges molecular structure) decrystallize abyssalite?

I propose a mod that includes the following recipe in the molecular forge;

90kg Abyssalite + 5kg Niobium + 5 kg (Some catalyzer, maybe oxylite?) = 100 kg Thermium.

With this, we still don't get tungsten in mid and early late game; where tungsten is very helpful. We make tungsten renewable for the late game; abyssalite from asteroids, and thermium can be melted (difficult but much easier than insulation pipes) to seperate the tungsten and niobium. Niobium can be used to generate more thermium later.

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