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An idea on how to make Morbs more interesting.

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The game mentions that they provide the natural breakdown functions necessary in a natural, healthy eco-system; that idea should be taken more literally.

Instead of producing free Polluted Oxygen, they should be able to eat Polluted Dirt and Rot and be able to turn it into Polluted Oxygen and Dirt, at a 50/50 conversion rate for each.

This would create a boat-load of Polluted Oxygen and would allow for an automatic breakdown process that'd let you not have to build composts in the late game.

Their procreation methods should also be streamlined, an example of one method would be to build a "Rotitorium" A Rotitorium would be a place to put excess rot into. After enough rot mass is achieved, the building will lock itself off for three cycles, until a Morb is released from it. This method is far easier to understand than the out-house method.

This method would allow you to get more Polluted Oxygen for your buck, making it so you wouldn't need ten-thousand Morbs for them to be useful.

Let me know what you think about this idea.

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