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Red Carnage

woodie transformation with belt of hunger?

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I have a suggestion for woodie and hopefuly one more character will have a use of belt of hunger. So i noticed during transformation woodie drops equip items in head and hand slot, except body slot. Also noticed when woodie's hunger which is replaced now with were meter runs out, he changed back to normal form. So my suggestion is, if woodie has equipt belt of hunger, he can stay more longer in were form! :) So far only character who has use of this item is Wolfgang, but only if he is fighting many spiders or any other mobs, if he want to stay mighty longer for little bit. Also want to mention that belt of hunger does nothing if u have slurper on your head. I have a feeling that you guys forgot to change it and seems nobody else has noticed that and reported to bug fix. Or it's implemented idk, but you probably should change it :)

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