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My thoughts and concerns for the Woodie Rework

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As a Woodie Main I need to address some of my concerns about this rework, while I like the new additions some transformations can easily be outclassed by other
characters of mid/late game items. While I've seen other players voice their concerns of that klei should've added in, we also need to take in factor of drawbacks.

Werebeaver - Give it the ability to at least eat logs to delay or extend its meter before changing.
Drawback of werebeaver would be that the longer in the form he stays the quicker the timer will go down so that while being a beaver is great the fast gathering and lack of tool usage, you are eventually kicked out of the form, that way werebeaver is a strong ability via resource gathering but it has a drawback of not being able to stay as it forever.

Weregoose - Give it like a jump ability to hop over an enemy or jump a gap between land, and of course the ability to swim in the water.
Drawback of weregoose would be that in the water the weremeter drops quicker and jumping decreases the meter by a small amount. I thought about maybe having it so it can recharge its meter back up as long as you're moving but that can easily be abused like quickly exploring the entire map in a handful of days or ruin rushing.

Weremoose - 90% Damage resistance, remove the charge move, and a combo ability, a combo ability would be like two punches and then it uses its antlers giving it a cone attack having it so its more viable in fighting/tanking, and the charge move is good but if the combo like I said were to be added instead, the charge would be obsolete.
Drawback of weremoose would be that the longer you stay in the form the quicker the meter drains and as long as you're punching it would be delayed or stopped.

I hope you guys like my interpretation of what should've been done to these new transformations and that klei can listen to its community's outcry and hopefully fix Woodie so that all players both mains and non will come to enjoy him.

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