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Woodie is currently the worst character for "energy efficiency"

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A character can be evaluated through various meters of comparison.
I think in DST a good meters of comparison for a character is "what he asks for to exploit his abilities" to a hypothetical team of players and "how much give in return" using his abilities.
We then analyze some characters with a high "energy efficiency": Wickerbottom: to use her abilities, the old one needs papyrus, some generic material and a way to recover sanity (optional). In short, in exchange for relatively modest and / or easy to find objects, Wickerbottom gives a lot to the team: food, boss farms, WX-78 upgrades, feathers to build darts, books to make enemies sleep ...
Let's analyze another character with an equally generous "energy efficiency": Wendy.
Wendy requires a way to recover 50 sanity (opzional). In return he has Abigail that allows to get farms of spiders, bees and monkeys, able to give virtually infinity canvases, glands, monster meat, stingers, honey, bananas, nightmares and beard hairs. I would dare to say that he is the character with the best "energy efficiency" of the game. (obviously it is inferior to Wickerbottom, but we are not evaluating the versatility of the character in an "absolute" sense, only from the cost / benefit point of view of their abilities).
Another example?
Wilson. To work, he asks for a razor, and in exchange give  virtually infinite beard hairs. Not very useful, of course, but it requires practically 0 resources for the team. (the razor has no percentage, except in rare cases it lasts throughout the game).
Now let's analyze Woodie:
To function (and survive) with his abilities he needs:
Monster meat and wood (to trigger transformation), lots of food and health and sanity care (for when it returns to normal, inevitably with hunger 0 and compromised health and sanity).
All this to offer what to the team? A modest amount of basic resources, a moderate area of surface explored (only on land) or a laughable contribution in combat.
In short, Woodie's "energy efficiency" appears immediately inconvenient, his abilities cost more resources than they produce, both in terms of materials and time, without counting the risk factor when he returns in human form with his stomach completely emptiness and deteriorated life and sanity.
In a team then, every single skill of Woodie is outclassed by one or more characters, in every respect.
What to say, I have rarely seen such a blatant failure.


(In the photo: top the topic with the Woodie update.
Wickerbottom just read it and stared in horror.
Wilson still has to read it and he is anxious, sure that they will give Woodie beautiful things like maple syrup or the ability to swim. Wendy, who has already read everything as  Wicker, imagines Wilson's burning disappointment in a few seconds, and puts her hand in front of her mouth.)

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